Families for Bible Memory

Rules of the Memory Course

  1. Memorize the verses exactly as they are printed. Do not add, change, or leave out any words.
  2. Memorize the references (the Book of the Bible, and chapter and verse numbers) with the verses.
  3. Memorize assignments in the order given.
  4. You must recite an entire assignment at one time.
  5. You should spend one whole week preparing each assignment. You may begin reciting early, if this is all right with your Supervisor.
  6. On your first recitation day you may recite more than one assignment. After that you may recite only one assignment each week.
  7. You should memorize your verses well. This is more of a help to you, and an honor to the Lord. You should not have to be prompted (helped) with your recitation. If you have to be helped more than four times, it is a poor recitation. Your Supervisor may ask you to repeat the assignment.
  8. You should recite each Saturday morning if this is convenient for your Supervisor. If not, you and your Supervisor should agree on another time during the weekend, but it should be the same time each week if at all possible.
  9. If you cannot recite on your recitation day, be sure to contact your Supervisor and make other arrangements. If you get behind, due to sickness or other emergencies, do not try to learn more than one assignment a week to catch up. You may finish behind schedule, as long as you are seriously working on
    your memorizing.

Ask the Lord to help you. Remember the verse, "I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me" (Philippians 4:13).

Bonus verses are not required, but some like to do more. Just to please the Lord.


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