Families for Bible Memory


We divide the year into three sessions:

  • Spring (Jan - April)
  • Summer (May - Aug)
  • Fall (Sept - Dec)

Each participant selects one of our sessions, memory books, and a person in their geographical area to be their Hearer. The Hearer must be willing to listen to the recitations on a regular basis.

The Hearer listens weekly to their recitations and reports to us on a monthly basis.

At the end of the session, if the memorizer has faithfully completed the number of verses per week to which they committed, they will be issued a certificate of completion. If they satisfactorily complete their entire memory book they will be issued an on-line gift certificate to Christian Book Distributors (www.ChristianBook.com).

If funds and staffing permit we may also issue an invitation to attend a family camp in the summer.

We don't sell our memory books apart from our program.


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We exist to see the salvation of, and growth in Christ, of men, women, and children.

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