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"In this day and age of technology and information overload, it's increasingly difficult to find time and solitude to focus on God's Word. That is why it is more important than ever to hide God's Word in our hearts. A few years ago, we enrolled a 2 of our boys in the FBMA memory program as a way to motivate them to memorize Scripture. Then, their younger sister wanted to do it, too, and a couple of our teens. They all really like getting a christianbook.com gift certificate to spend as they choose when they complete a memory book. When I saw my teens memorizing in their entirety some of the smaller books of the New Testament, I desired to once again commit Scripture to memory as I did in my childhood and youth. So, I also enrolled in FBMA. In the last 18 mos., I've memorized Philippians and James and am about to complete 1 John. The insights that God reveals through His Word to my heart as I memorize Scripture are more precious than anything that can be purchased with a gift certificate. I believe it is changing me; it is renewing my mind, in a way that simply reading God's Word cannot. My mind needs a lot of renewing because I know I do not yet have the mind of Christ, so I want to continue memorizing as long as I possible can. I thank God for FBMA and for the positive difference it is making!"

-Anna Keener, Bristolville, Ohio

"FBMA pocket-size memory books are very convenient to carry and memorize from. The setup of weekly assignments and accountability to my hearer help me stay on track to complete the book in a 15 week course. Of course the real reward is to mature in my walk with God."

-Darlene Armstrong, Cypress, California

"I first started memorizing through BMA in 1977 and have memorized almost every year since. The pocket-sized memory books made it very handy to memorize scripture. The collections of verses in each book were well-chosen and the notes helpful. Finally, the rewards received were an additional blessing. With the exception of the notes, FBMA has continued this tradition."

-Eric Armstrong, Cypress, California


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